Outstanding individuals from the United States and countries of the former Soviet Union support RUSA LGBT in its effort to achieve equality and acceptance for all regardless of gender, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Very interesting guests were invited online:

  • Tish James (The Attorney General of New York)
  • Daniel Dromm (Council Member, 25th District, NYC)
  • Ann Northrop (Journalist and Activist; co-host at Gay USA TV
  • Ken Kidd (Queer Nation, Activist)
  • Mariya Markh (Senior Community Liaison at NYC Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit)
  • Sharon Kleinbaum (Senior Rabbi at CBST (New York))
  • Randi Weingarten (President of the American Federation of Teachers)
  • Michael Schreiber (Attorney at SAFE)
  • Geoff Trenchard (Senior Staff Attorney at New York City Anti-Violence Project)
  • David France (Filmmaker (“Welcome to Chechnya”))
  • Adam Eli (Queer Activist; Founder of Voices4_ (New York))
  • Igor Kochetkov (Co-founder of the Russian LGBT Network)
  • Kir Fedorov (Psychologist, trainer, speaker (Russia))
  • Olga Baranova (Activist; founder of Moscow Community Center)
  • Masha Gessen (American journalist, writer)
  • Oleg Dusaev (West Coast, RUSA LGBT (USA))
  • Gleb Latnik (RUSA LGBT DC (USA))
  • Anna Talisman (Russain–speaking LGBTIQ+ group “Rainbow”(Israel))
  • Robyn McCutcheon (An american diplomat, engineer and historian)
  • Lawrence Moss (Human Rights Scholar (USA))
  • Carolina Dutca (Interdisciplinary artist (Transnstria))


  • Hristina (Singer, LGBTIQ-activist)
  • Josh Daniel (Actor-performer (Broadway))
  • Еugene (Singer, Dezery Band (Russia))
  • Lorina Rey (Drag Queen (Russia))
  • Matvey Cherry (Artist, performet (USA))
  • Rude Mechanical Orchestra (Independent orchestra)
  • Slava (Singer, Svrny_ band (Russia))

You have a chance to watch the Fourth Brighton Beach Pride on the record. This is an incredible atmosphere.

Thank you very much for this opportunity.