About Us


LGBT World Beside is a European organization founded by LGBT refugees who survived the persecution in Chechnya. Our mission is to help LGBT people from Russia and other former Soviet republics escape persecution and help them find a new home in the European Union and America. LGBT World Beside helps to remove gays and lesbians from dangerous cities in Russia, and helps newly arrived LGBT refugees. We are organizing information sessions to facilitate the integration of LGBT refugees in a new place. We provide legal contacts and other important information for LGBT refugees to contact lawyers and local NGOs in order to receive legal and psychological support. We also work closely with the European Parliament in handling cases of LGBT refugees.

The main tasks of the LGBT World Beside so that LGBT people from Chechnya open their faces and stop being afraid. It is important that LGBT people from Chechnya start talking about existing problems and dangers, so that they start talking about the torture and killings of their friends, relatives and loved ones. These are very difficult tasks. Families of LGBT refugees from Chechnya who remained in the republic continue to experience pressure from the Chechen authorities and Chechen society. Breaking the silence for an LGBT refugee may mean that torture of their families will begin and law enforcement agencies will be involved in this.

If you are an organization willing to cooperate or a person in need of help, you have questions, write to us: