Yulia Tsvetkova confirmed the indictment: up to six years for “distributing porn”.

On February 16, the prosecutor’s office of the Khabarovsk Territory, on a fourth attempt, approved the indictment against LGBT activist and artist Yulia Tsvetkova.

Tsvetkova is accused of distributing pornography (point “b” of part 3 of article 242 of the Criminal Code) due to the publication of body-positive drawings in the public “Monologues of the Vagina”. She faces up to six years in prison.

On June 9, 2020, Yulia Tsvetkova was charged for the first time. The prosecutor’s office returned the case materials three times for further investigation. Before the activist was placed under house arrest, a search was carried out in her house, during which all the equipment was seized. The artist was under house arrest for more than four months. On March 16, 2020, the preventive measure was changed to recognizance not to leave.

In addition to the criminal case, Yulia Tsvetkova was charged under administrative articles “on propaganda” for her publications on the social network “VKontakte”. The court twice imposed fines – 50,000 and 75,000 rubles.

Julia and her mother constantly receive insults and threats in their address, but, unfortunately, the police do not react to this in any way. So, in December, they were sent two coffins and two funeral wreaths …

Yulia Tsvetkova’s problems began in March 2019. Then the police officers had a conversation with the artists of the youth activist theater “Merak”. Schoolchildren were preparing a festival, one of the performances of which was called “Blue and Pink”. The theater was directed by Yulia Tsvetkova. The police became active after several anonymous statements were written on Tsvetkova asking for a check, and the theater was denied a site for the festival. The anonymous letters attached to the case said that Tsvetkova “incites hatred against men and promotes non-traditional family values ​​among children.”

The petition, the authors of which draw attention to the situation with the persecution by the authorities of the laureate of the international prize “Freedom of Expression” feminist Yulia Tsvetkova, demanding an end to her persecution, has been signed today by almost 250,000 people.

Last year, we recall, Tsvetkova was included in the list of the 100 most influential women in the world, compiled by the BBC World Service, and her work was acquired by the Stedelejk Museum (Amsterdam) in its collection.

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