This text is not a joke.

Now everyone is discussing how to ban the dispersion of light in Russia.

On July 3, at a meeting between Vladimir Putin and members of the working group on preparing amendments to the Constitution, the head of the Union of Women of Russia Yekaterina Lakhova complained to the president about the effect of the Rainbow ice cream and multi-colored billboards on children. They promote unconventional values, Lakhova explained to the president. A conversation about this came during the discussion of the LGBT flag, which the US Embassy in Moscow posted on its building on June 25 to celebrate Rainbow Flag Day.

Condemning the Americans, those present switched to Russian ice cream. “Yes, we should not have propaganda, but today we have billboards, for example, hanging rainbow-colored, beautiful colors,” explained the head of the Union of Women of Russia. – It seems to be imperceptible, with beautiful words, or advertise ice cream, which is also called “Rainbow”, consume this ice cream and so on. Therefore, it is indirect, but still makes our children get used to that color, to the flag that was hung at this embassy. ”

Responding to Lakhova, Putin agreed that the issue of “propaganda of unconventional values ​​for us” needs “control”.

Social networks immediately suspected that Putin was going to ban the rainbow.

  • I am making an official statement to the president: I DEMAND to ban the dispersion of light, as a phenomenon, because it puts homosexual overtones into ordinary sunlight. Since any light can be spread out on a rainbow, then any decent citizen can be gay! – @userluk
  • The chairman of the Union of Women of Russia complained to the president about the Rainbow ice cream, in which she saw LGBT propaganda. Does the union of women mean that it is not LGBT propaganda @aleshru
  • Это кто там получается в Кремле засел? @mironov_fm
  • “Puptin forbids the rainbow because he saw this meme” @bnnloml
  • All my life I was heterosexual, happy with my girlfriend. And today I suddenly saw an advertisement for ice cream Rainbow AND ME HOW HOMESEXUAL WISHES HAVE BEEN FILLED WITH PASSION AND LUST HERE IT HAS BEEN PASSED TO PUTIN @nixan48

At the same time, Putin himself did not propose banning the rainbow, but avoided a direct answer on what to do with it.

If you read Putin’s answer in its entirety, it follows more quickly that the Union of Women of Russia and other patriotic public figures will have to deal with this common optical phenomenon on their own.

“Now for the comments of Ekaterina Filippovna [Lakhova],” Putin said. “Of course, you know, here you can’t keep track of everyone, where is which label someone came up with and so on. If there is reason to believe that this is propaganda of unconventional values ​​for us, then simply without public organizations that share the official position of the Russian authorities, including those set forth in the Constitution, in our laws, and in by-laws that were adopted earlier , it’s necessary in an appropriate way, but not aggressively, this is the most important thing, to build public control.

Nevertheless, even the producer of the Rainbow ice cream company, the Chistaya Liniya group of companies, managed to submit to fate. “We are a law-abiding company. If the relevant act is issued by the executive or legislative branch of the country, of course, we will obey, ”its vice president Armen Beniaminov answered the question about the ban on labels.

However, he hopes that dessert will still not be banned: firstly, there are only four colors on the ice cream label, not seven. And secondly, the company itself advocates “family values” and believes that “that the rainbow is the sun after the rain, and not the flag of the LGBT community,” hastened to assure Putin Beniaminov.