For the fifth year in a row, Major General Moskalkova has presented a report to Putin without mentioning the problems of the LGBT community.

For the fifth year in a row, Major General Tatyana Moskalkova, Ombudsman for Human Rights in the Russian Federation, has presented a final report, which does not contain any place to mention the problems of the LGBT community.

65-year-old Tatiana Moskalkova in early April presented to President Vladimir Putin another report on the situation in the field of human rights. The 500-page document does not contain a single mention of the specific concerns of the LGBT community. The word with the root “sex” is used twice, the word “gender” is used once.

As in previous years, the problems of the transgender community have been completely ignored. There is not a single mention of the violation of the rights of HIV-positive people.

On April 22, with applause, deputies of the State Duma re-elected Tatyana Moskalkova to the post of Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation for a new term. Only two deputies voted against, one abstained.


Convict camps for LGBT activists urged to create in the State Duma.

In the State Duma, during the parliamentary hearings on demography problems, it was proposed to toughen the responsibility for the so-called “propaganda of non-traditional relations.” A prominent representative of the ruling party, Deputy Milonov, said yesterday what awaits LGBT activists. According to him, it is necessary to create concentration camps for them, sending them to forced labor in uranium mines.

“… For them, special camps should be made, mixed with uranium mines, for LGBT propagandists there should be hard labor,” said the 47-year-old United Russia party, quoted by the NSN.

“From my point of view, the time has come to tighten a number of articles. This is due to the implementation of propaganda on the Internet. If we are talking about working LGBT organizations that are not particularly hiding and are engaged in direct propaganda of this rubbish among our children. Klimova (Elena Klimova, creator of the project “Children 404”, left LGBT activism in 2020) and her comrades-in-arms, I would imprison them for life. They climb on social networks to our children with this idiocy, as it happens in the group “Children 404”. Administrative punishment for such activities is too softly. This should be dealt with by the SK … “- reasoned Milonov.

“I believe,” continued United Russia, “that those who are doing this should be in prison, like rapists and maniacs. Regular administration of these groups is no longer an administrative violation. These people should not be attributed to our drunks and those who crosses the road at a red light. In terms of severity, this can not be compared … “- insists Milonov.

Earlier it was reported: the United Russia party highly appreciated the activities of the notorious homon-hater Milonov. He is included in the list of “promising single-mandate candidates”. In February, Milonov proposed “to assign homosexual status” and to put the appropriate stamp in the civil passport. The holders of the stamp will be deprived of a number of constitutional rights. In particular, freedom of movement and education.


VKontakte blocked the Alliance of Heterosexuals and LGBT People for Equality at the request of Roskomnadzor.

The social network VKontakte, at the request of Roskomnadzor, blocked the Alliance of Heterosexuals and LGBT People for Equality. This was reported by the VKontakte press service.

The blocking was based on the decision of the Metallurgical District Court of the city of Chelyabinsk. The notice states that “this index of the website page on the Internet contains information, the dissemination of which in the Russian Federation is prohibited by a court decision.”

The Metallurgical District Court of Chelyabinsk recognized the information in the community “Alliance of Heterosexuals and LGBT People for Equality” banned from distribution on the territory of the Russian Federation on December 11, 2019.

Thus, the court granted the prosecutor’s petition, who argued that the community “clearly promotes non-traditional sexual relations, namely homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexual relationships, transgender people,” and also creates “a positive image of public order violators and a negative one – of law enforcement officers”.

The Alliance of Heterosexuals and LGBT People for Equality calls itself a social movement that unites heterosexuals who support the struggle for LGBT equality and LGBT people themselves. More than 30 thousand users have subscribed to the public movement on VKontakte.

Social media regulation in Russia is tightening. On February 1, a law came into force, according to which social networks must independently identify and block prohibited content, and huge fines are provided for refusing to delete such information. Earlier, VKontakte received a fine of 1.5 million rubles for failure to remove calls to participate in rallies. Repeated violation may result in a fine of one tenth of the annual proceeds.

In Russia, since 2013, a law has been in force that prohibits the “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” among minors. This law is used to prosecute LGBT people and fight projects on this topic.


The State Duma told about the daily blocking of 200 LGBT groups in social networks.

Lyudmila Stebenkova

Lyudmila Stebenkova, a deputy from United Russia, spoke about her intention to introduce new bans on the “propaganda” of gender reassignment, polyamory, bisexuality, etc.

“At our meeting there were a lot of young people from legal institutions. One of them spoke and said that if you go to social networks today, recruit a specific group, you will see that what is being promoted there contradicts all the norms of the law …” – said 62-year-old Stebenkova in an interview with Fontanka, commenting on the proposal for new bans. She clarified that it is about “transsexuality, bisexuality and LGBT”.

According to Stebenkova, every day up to 200 such groups are “closed by law enforcement agencies and Roskomnadzor.” “I’m telling you this about the existing law enforcement practice,” Stebenkova said, adding: “If you want to reduce the interview to issues of propaganda of gay, I will answer with one phrase. I believe that propaganda of gay, childfree, transgender and all kinds of similar trends does not contribute to an increase in the birth rate in the country and to overcome the demographic crisis. And this is where we will finish. “

Earlier it was reported: in the resolution of the conference “Legal and legislative aspects of supporting families and family values ​​in the Russian Federation”, which was held on March 4 in the State Duma as part of the project of the United Russia party – “Strong Family”, there is a demand to toughen the responsibility for homopropaganda, as well as to establish the prohibition of propaganda is a lot of things – from polyamory to transsexuality.


Yulia Tsvetkova confirmed the indictment: up to six years for “distributing porn”.

On February 16, the prosecutor’s office of the Khabarovsk Territory, on a fourth attempt, approved the indictment against LGBT activist and artist Yulia Tsvetkova.

Tsvetkova is accused of distributing pornography (point “b” of part 3 of article 242 of the Criminal Code) due to the publication of body-positive drawings in the public “Monologues of the Vagina”. She faces up to six years in prison.

On June 9, 2020, Yulia Tsvetkova was charged for the first time. The prosecutor’s office returned the case materials three times for further investigation. Before the activist was placed under house arrest, a search was carried out in her house, during which all the equipment was seized. The artist was under house arrest for more than four months. On March 16, 2020, the preventive measure was changed to recognizance not to leave.

In addition to the criminal case, Yulia Tsvetkova was charged under administrative articles “on propaganda” for her publications on the social network “VKontakte”. The court twice imposed fines – 50,000 and 75,000 rubles.

Julia and her mother constantly receive insults and threats in their address, but, unfortunately, the police do not react to this in any way. So, in December, they were sent two coffins and two funeral wreaths …

Yulia Tsvetkova’s problems began in March 2019. Then the police officers had a conversation with the artists of the youth activist theater “Merak”. Schoolchildren were preparing a festival, one of the performances of which was called “Blue and Pink”. The theater was directed by Yulia Tsvetkova. The police became active after several anonymous statements were written on Tsvetkova asking for a check, and the theater was denied a site for the festival. The anonymous letters attached to the case said that Tsvetkova “incites hatred against men and promotes non-traditional family values ​​among children.”

The petition, the authors of which draw attention to the situation with the persecution by the authorities of the laureate of the international prize “Freedom of Expression” feminist Yulia Tsvetkova, demanding an end to her persecution, has been signed today by almost 250,000 people.

Last year, we recall, Tsvetkova was included in the list of the 100 most influential women in the world, compiled by the BBC World Service, and her work was acquired by the Stedelejk Museum (Amsterdam) in its collection.