Marvel’s new film, Eternal, has been called on to boycott two gay men from behind. The corresponding publication appeared on the website of the conservative Christian organization Million Mothers.

“We need your help so that as many people as possible can find out that Marvel is promoting the LGBT agenda among families in the upcoming superhero movie Eternal,” the report said. It claims that previously the entertainment industry has made numerous attempts to quietly spread the ideas of LGBT people, and now it does so openly. In addition, the organization accused Marvel of the fact that the company is trying to be politically correct, rather than creating movies for family viewing.

The Million Mothers also called for refusing to view the tape and signing a petition stating that the appearance of an open gay on the screen contradicts their beliefs and values. Currently, the appeal has collected more than 17 thousand signatures.

February 14, actor Haaz Sleiman said that in the “Eternal” will show a couple of gays with a child. The artist admitted that he will play the role of the wife of the superhero Fastos, in the image of which Brian Tyri Henry will appear. When asked by the journalist about whether the same-sex kiss will be shown in the film, Sleiman answered positively, explaining that the scene would be beautiful and touching.