Het project “Gratis lessen” is een jaar oud!

Ons project “Gratis lessen” bestaat alweer een jaar. Een jaar is niet veel, maar ook niet zo weinig. Gedurende deze tijd schreven veel vrijwilligers ons die vluchtelingen wilden helpen om Nederlands te leren. Er is veel werk. We zijn erin geslaagd om het proces te organiseren. Daar zijn we erg blij mee.

Onze vrijwilligers hebben e-learning cursussen Nederlands gemaakt. U kunt ze ook gebruiken. De cursussen zijn gratis en voor iedereen beschikbaar.
1. Niveau A0 – A2
2. Niveau A2 – B1 (deel 1)
3. Niveau A2 – B1 (deel 2)

We zijn iedereen die meedoet aan ons project dankbaar. We nemen graag nieuwe vrijwilligers en vluchtelingen op in ons project.

U kunt per e-mail schrijven over uw wens om deel te nemen gratislessen@lgbtworldbeside.org

Er is een Facebook-groep waar je nieuws en updates kunt volgen. https://www.facebook.com/groups/gratislessen

Instagram is asked to punish for gay propaganda.

The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation is asked to check the official Instagram account of Dolce & Gabbana for violations of the Code of Administrative Offenses “Propagation of non-traditional sexual values among minors.” As Izvestia found out, such a request to law enforcement agencies was sent by the State Duma deputy from United Russia Anatoly Vyborny. According to him in the document, there are publications on the social network that show unconventional relationships between men and women that violate the constitutional values of Russians.

“The propaganda of homosexuality has now become widespread. This is a real attack on our way of life, values ​​and culture. The word “aggression” is even more appropriate. See how actively this process has gone lately? In Hollywood films, more and more stories are directly or indirectly devoted to the topic of homosexuality. There are serials in which the main actors practice non-traditional relationships, and all the characters who express doubt are presented as stupid, ridiculous and always losing, “Anatoly Vyborny explained his position to Izvestia.

According to him, social networks, the film industry, and global brands are involved in this aggression.

He stressed that blocking such content is a retaliatory measure against LGBT aggression. This is not the first appeal of a deputy to law enforcement agencies regarding non-traditional propaganda of family values ​​among teenagers. In March of this year, he succeeded in blocking similar information on the VKontakte social network.

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Convict camps for LGBT activists urged to create in the State Duma.

In the State Duma, during the parliamentary hearings on demography problems, it was proposed to toughen the responsibility for the so-called “propaganda of non-traditional relations.” A prominent representative of the ruling party, Deputy Milonov, said yesterday what awaits LGBT activists. According to him, it is necessary to create concentration camps for them, sending them to forced labor in uranium mines.

“… For them, special camps should be made, mixed with uranium mines, for LGBT propagandists there should be hard labor,” said the 47-year-old United Russia party, quoted by the NSN.

“From my point of view, the time has come to tighten a number of articles. This is due to the implementation of propaganda on the Internet. If we are talking about working LGBT organizations that are not particularly hiding and are engaged in direct propaganda of this rubbish among our children. Klimova (Elena Klimova, creator of the project “Children 404”, left LGBT activism in 2020) and her comrades-in-arms, I would imprison them for life. They climb on social networks to our children with this idiocy, as it happens in the group “Children 404”. Administrative punishment for such activities is too softly. This should be dealt with by the SK … “- reasoned Milonov.

“I believe,” continued United Russia, “that those who are doing this should be in prison, like rapists and maniacs. Regular administration of these groups is no longer an administrative violation. These people should not be attributed to our drunks and those who crosses the road at a red light. In terms of severity, this can not be compared … “- insists Milonov.

Earlier it was reported: the United Russia party highly appreciated the activities of the notorious homon-hater Milonov. He is included in the list of “promising single-mandate candidates”. In February, Milonov proposed “to assign homosexual status” and to put the appropriate stamp in the civil passport. The holders of the stamp will be deprived of a number of constitutional rights. In particular, freedom of movement and education.

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