June 20.

World Refugee Day.

“This is not a matter of burden sharing. This is a matter of distribution of global responsibility, not only taking into account the broad idea of our common belonging to the human race, but also taking into account very specific international legal obligations. The source of the problems is war and hatred, not people fleeing them; refugees are among the first to be victims of terrorism ”- UN Secretary General António Guterres.

Every year on June 20, the world community celebrates World Refugee Day, approved by the UN General Assembly (resolution 55/76) in 2000.

Refugees and internally displaced persons are defined as persons who fled their countries because of a well-founded fear of persecution due to racial, religious affiliation, citizenship, political views or belonging to a particular social group who cannot or do not want to return. Many people become refugees due to natural disasters or man-made disasters.

According to international law, refugees are people who cannot or do not want to return to their countries, to their native lands due to well-founded fears of becoming a victim of persecution.

Currently, about 22.5 million refugees and 25 million internally displaced persons are registered on the planet.

In a world where violence forces hundreds of families to flee their homes every day, the support of the international community must be shown. And the international community is consolidating its efforts to alleviate the plight of these people. Established in 1950, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is currently the central international agency working towards this goal.

In 2016, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees launched the #WithRefugees initiative to sign a petition calling on governments to take collective action and share responsibility for the fate of refugees. The petition calls on governments to provide refugee children with access to education, refugee families a safe place to live, and to provide every refugee with access to jobs or new skills.

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Every dollar, euro and pound you give will help evacuate LGBTI people in the most danger. And to pressure the Chechen authorities to stop this persecution.

Russian singer against gays (Video with ENG sub).

Russian homophobic singer against gays. He calls for a vote for amendments to the constitution of the Russian Federation, so that gays could not adopt children. The homophobic singer claims that in this way you can show that you love your homeland. He has over 550,000 followers on Instagram.

Update. Two hours later, a homophobic singer posted a video on Instagram with excuses that it was a test by his fans. To which fans and subscribers wrote to him that their love does not require verification, that this is all very stupid. Everyone hastened to write that this is the end of his career, that the most devoted fans unsubscribe from his account and delete his music in their playlists.

As a result, the homophobic singer deleted both videos from instagram, but this will not change his attitude towards him. With this speech, he supported the first homophobic video against gays about the constitution of the Russian Federation.

Police in Russia called a black man a monkey (video with ENG subtitles).

Eyewitnesses filmed and posted in a video in which police officers detained a black man in Moscow. A female voice says that “broke his nose.”

The video was commented by an official representative of the Police (Rosguard) Valery Gribakin. According to him, a foreign citizen was detained near the Shchelkovo highway in Moscow for violating the access control regime. The foreigner had no identity documents with him, and he was taken to the police department to draw up an administrative violation report.

According to Gribakin, police officers (Rosguard) did not allow any insulting statements about the detainee. “The video was studied in detail by the police (Rosguard), and employees were also interviewed. According to them, they turned to the citizen correctly and to “you” ”.

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Video for amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

Vladimir Putin amended his own bill to amend the Constitution. The President proposed to consolidate the status of marriage as a union of a man and a woman.

The amendment to Article 72 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation should consolidate the concept of marriage as a union of a woman and a man. We consider the amendments to Article 72 of the Russian Constitution on traditional marriage to be homophobic and discriminatory. Watch the propaganda video created for the population of the Russian Federation. We have written English subtitles for you. Share the video with your friends.