The monologue of a resident of Chechnya, who reported to the police about attempted rape at work, survived the night interrogations, almost became accused under the article about false denunciation and was condemned by relatives.

The editors have at their disposal copies of the verification materials. The names of all participants in the event changed at the request of the heroine.


  • I got married at 17 years old. Now I’m 37, I’m divorced. I have four children who live with me and with their father – after school they stay where they are more comfortable, and the eldest daughter is already married and lives separately. Last year I got a job as a dispatcher at the fire station of Urus-Martan. Of the women I worked there and the cook in the dining room. I didn’t have contact with men especially, I worked in the office of the head, but more often I was there alone, he almost did not appear. Occasionally two guys came in, something was printed on a computer. “Hello, hello”, “goodbye-bye”.

Not counting the weekend, I worked in the firehouse just five days. On June 26, I was sitting at the computer when my boss, for no reason at all, said: “I bet that you are wearing thongs now.” I asked what kind of conversation it was. He said: “I am putting my 50 thousand rubles, that the thong is now on you.” I began to explain to him that if I needed money, then I would go and earn it, and it was here that I came. And if I need to be someone’s prostitute or bedding, then I can do it at home without going to work. On this he called me “smart, educated fool.”

After two or three hours, everyone gradually dispersed from work, almost no one was left. I packed all my belongings when the boss returned. He asked why I need bags, I replied that I was leaving. He grinned: “Come on, no one holds you here. Just close the window in the office that you left open.” I just turned away to close the window, as he shut the door in the hallway, and then closed the door to our office and stood in front of me. He took me by the shoulders, pressed to the wall and began to climb kissing.

He held my face, my jaw. I pushed him to the left, I was in pain – I had an unhealthy tooth, sealed up. He grabbed so tightly that the tooth broke. I had a sharp pain in my mouth, I got a little weak, and he pushed me onto the couch. I sat down. He sat on top of me, on his knees, like a child, and began to pester and kiss. I asked him to let me go. The investigators then asked how long it lasted. And I do not know, did I notice this time? Maybe five minutes, maybe a minute at all. The main thing is that for me it was eternity.

At some point, he says to me: “Let’s do it mutually, I will, in any case, do it.” I got up and began to unbutton the belt. I do not remember what happened next: whether I pushed him away, or screamed. I don’t know where the keys came from in my hand. Maybe he gave me, maybe I took them myself. I only remember how I went out the door of the fire station and walked along the road.

She sat in a taxi, which stood next to the fire station, and drove to her friend. She lives in the same city, not far. I told her everything, she reassured me, said: “Do not shout, brother will see. Do not cry, but there will be questions.”

At 18 o’clock she was going to the city and drove me to the intersection. From there I was going to go home. She stood at the crossroads, thought about her. Started crying. At this point, I wrote a familiar precinct. He drove to the bus stop, I got into the car and began to tell the whole situation. He asked: “Why do not you come to him?” Said, “The price is nothing for you, if you leave it all so.” He podnachil me, and I decided to listen to him.

When I went to the doctor, I said that there was an attempted rape. The hospital staff called the district police officers, but my friend said that I don’t have to wait for them: “Tomorrow you go to the Investigation Committee yourself.” I caught a taxi, and I drove home.


  • At 23:00 a precinct came after me from our village and we went to the ATS. I began to ask what happened, I told. They called my brother and under escort we were taken to Urus-Martan. Brought from the back door, without a mark at the duty. They say to my brother: “She remains here, and you go home.” They put him out the door, and they left me there.

Until four in the morning they took explanations from me. They didn’t give me any food or sleep. The conditioner worked all night, it was cold, and I sat in a thin dress. In the morning, the interrogation began anew. They say to me: he did nothing to you. They asked me to say that I had mixed up, that I did not want to apply for the head, that I had accidentally gone to the hospital.

Relatives of my boss came to our home and first told my father and uncle: “Sorry, we are to blame.” Then, already in the police, they began to say that “this girl wanted to substitute our guy.” Together with the police, they began to put pressure on me, and I said that now I’m definitely applying for this person. What they just riot happened. They shouted to me: “He did not do anything to you!” They looked for a flaw in me, reminded me that I was divorced, hinted at it constantly. And one of the policemen said: “Well, I would give it to him.”

On the investigative experiment allowed everyone except my brother. They even let the fire department employees and relatives of my boss, who were not supposed to be there. At this time, all and sundry called me a prostitute. “We like you, we know, walk and substitute good people.” Right under the investigators. And every time I wanted to answer them, the investigator also criticized me. I asked: “Are these insults included in the investigative experiment?” To this he said nothing.

When I read the characteristics in the case file, I learned a lot about myself: it turned out that all the fire department employees, even those whom I did not know, had a bad opinion about me. Everyone had something to say about me: then I dress vulgarly, talk too much and smile – they took my line for coquetry.

They interrogated local Islam. Two or three days after the whole story began, he sent one guy to me, through whom he conveyed: “Take the statement back, they put pressure on me.” I said that I would not take the application, but I promised that I would not disturb him in any way. But time passes — and I find out that this district policeman wrote such an explanatory message against me: that he communicated with me because I allegedly work as an informant for him, that is, I am a snitch. He said that I looked fine that day, did not say anything about the tooth, and that he did not know about the incident with the boss. Said, “She just asked to take her to the hospital and that’s it.” It was the most offensive – his betrayal.

In this whole situation, only my mother supported me. The police are on the side of the relatives of my boss, they have blackened me completely. My relatives reproach me: “Why did you even go to work, did you not have a piece of bread and a glass of water?” So why go to work? To not be a burden to anyone.

In the republic about this usually everyone is silent. This is me, one such fool. Soon the year will pass, as it happened. During this time, they poured so much dirt on me … You know, I even began to think that if he had raped me then I would have been silent.


On July 27, 2018, a month after the events described, the investigator refused to initiate criminal proceedings against the deputy head of the Urus-Martan fire station.

The document states that there is no crime in his actions.

Regarding Louise herself, the investigator conducted a check on suspicion of knowingly false information, but concluded that she was “mistaken” and “stated not about fictitious circumstances, but because of her ignorance, she perceived the actions of E. as directed at compelling sexual acts” .

The document also contains the testimony of witnesses who describe the behavior of a young woman in the workplace.

The woman-cook of the fire department: “L. is sociable, friendly, she can’t somehow characterize. It can only add that she was not shy, could perform ablution with men, since the entire staff of the HRNG consists of them, but for her unacceptable”.

The first firefighter: “He did not like the way L. was dressed, she could afford to wear a tight dress that emphasized her magnificent figure, although she understood that she was in the men’s team and could be discussed.”

The second firefighter: “It may explain that L. behaved immodestly, namely, she could do ablution with men: take a jug of water and go with a man to the toilet, but this is unacceptable by the rules of etiquette.”

The firemen do not believe in the culpability of their colleague and leader, since he is a “educated man, married and has five children”.

Emin himself did not deny either the dialogue about strings or attempts to kiss Louise, but he called it flirting. The deputy head of the fire department was confident that the woman did not mind, according to the testimony:

“L. sat in his workplace and flirted with him, and also seduced him with her actions, which expressed air kisses, unbuttoned the top button, periodically touched him, as he sat next to her and helped her in her work. He decided that L. would not mind if he kissed her, and asked her permission. To which L. did not answer him, and he moved closer to her and turned his face to her lips. L. did not mind, and they kissed on the lips. “

“He told L. to wear more modest clothes, because her appearance excites him, to which L. said that she would wear what she liked, and this is not related to work. <…> It can be explained that there was no attempt at violence against L., everything was by mutual consent. He didn’t offer to have sexual intercourse, they only kissed and he touched her hips. “


“In Chechnya, I work with a client who has been subjected to rape at work: here we were denied initiation of a case of sexual abuse and beatings (articles 133 and 116 of the Criminal Code) against her former boss. We will appeal against the refusal and actions of the investigating authorities who didn’t conduct the check on the application properly, and also kept the woman without food and water under the air conditioner for almost two days. My applicant is still being treated for the effects of hypothermia.

The investigating authorities often hamper our work on cases of violence: we have to wait for the necessary papers for several months in a row. In such actions we see signs of abuse and abuse of office.

We managed and succeed in achieving punishment for those who committed sexual crimes, if, of course, the victims of violence are ready to seek justice. But sometimes they are not ready to apply to official bodies due to the fact that by no means relatives always side with women. In one of the cases, it was the brother who began to defend his sister, brought her to me, and we began to work on the case. If he had not brought her to me and would have believed what the police officers and relatives of the criminal said, then the situation would be completely different. No one would have known about the incident that happened to the woman, continuing the tradition of silence. “