Today, the Russian language channel Rain TV (Дождь) broadcasted a story about LGBT asylum seekers in the Netherlands. The story mostly focused on Khina Zakharova (born July 28, 2001 – died February 27, 2023), a Russian transgender woman who committed suicide about a month ago. Khina had expressed suicidal thoughts to her friends, but she was also full of life and hope. She had participated in our events Kerstborrel and Spelletjesdag, and her death was a sorrow for all of us. Rain TV shared her story from the perspective of her friends and in the context of the problems that Russian LGBT asylum seekers face in the Netherlands.

It is important to bring attention to the challenges faced by Russian LGBT asylum seekers, as they often face discrimination, persecution and even repression in Russia and may continue to face challenges even after seeking asylum in other countries.

The Netherlands is known for being relatively accepting of LGBT individuals, but there is still work to be done to ensure that all individuals are able to live their lives freely. It is important for governments and communities to create safe spaces and provide support for those who are seeking asylum, particularly for those who may be more vulnerable due to their gender identity.