Metropolitan Illyarion with Vladimir Putin during the presentation of state awards in the Kremlin.

The head of the department for external church relations of the Russian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Hilarion, called the sex change operation “blasphemy” and “crime.” He stated this on the TV channel “Russia 24”, stressing that “the church never recognizes the perversions that exist in many Western countries when, for example, a child from childhood, almost from infancy, is told that there is a biological gender, but there is that gender which he can choose for himself. “

“In itself, the operation to change sex, from my point of view and from the point of view of the church, is blasphemy, is a crime against God,” said Hilarion on the program “Church and the World.”

The metropolitan said that if parents support the change of sex in their minor children and adolescents, then these actions should be qualified as a crime and punished in a criminal order.

Also, the metropolitan noted that “the church never recognizes this sex change as a fait accompli”: “If a person who has changed sex is baptized, he” will be baptized the way God created it: if it is a man “converted” into a woman, he will still be baptized as a man, “he said.

The leadership of the Catholic Church also opposed the change of sex, but in a less categorical form than representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church. Pope Francis also criticized the theory of gender, which shares biological and social sex and opposed the fact that a person can independently make a decision on changing sex, and modern technologies will allow him to do this with relatively small losses. This statement by the Pope caused great criticism in the LGBT community.