Foreign Ministry sends US, UK and Canada protest notes over LGBT flags on embassy buildings.

The Russian Foreign Ministry sent notes of protest to representatives of the US, British and Canadian embassies over the LGBT flags that appeared on the buildings of diplomatic missions in Moscow at the end of June. This was announced by State Duma deputy Vasily Piskarev, who heads the Duma commission to investigate alleged foreign interference in the affairs of the Russian Federation.

In the appeals of the Russian Foreign Ministry to the embassies, it is said that the actions of the diplomats “violated the provisions of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the national legislation of the Russian Federation,” Piskarev said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has not yet commented on Piskarev’s words. Earlier, after the appearance of the LGBT flag on the building of the US Embassy in Moscow, the Foreign Ministry left a comment on the Facebook of the American diplomatic mission with the song El Bimbo from the Police Academy, which sounded when the heroes of the film were in the Blue Oyster gay bar.


They complained to Putin about ice cream with a rainbow because of the “propaganda” of LGBT people.

This text is not a joke.

Now everyone is discussing how to ban the dispersion of light in Russia.

On July 3, at a meeting between Vladimir Putin and members of the working group on preparing amendments to the Constitution, the head of the Union of Women of Russia Yekaterina Lakhova complained to the president about the effect of the Rainbow ice cream and multi-colored billboards on children. They promote unconventional values, Lakhova explained to the president. A conversation about this came during the discussion of the LGBT flag, which the US Embassy in Moscow posted on its building on June 25 to celebrate Rainbow Flag Day.

Condemning the Americans, those present switched to Russian ice cream. “Yes, we should not have propaganda, but today we have billboards, for example, hanging rainbow-colored, beautiful colors,” explained the head of the Union of Women of Russia. – It seems to be imperceptible, with beautiful words, or advertise ice cream, which is also called “Rainbow”, consume this ice cream and so on. Therefore, it is indirect, but still makes our children get used to that color, to the flag that was hung at this embassy. ”

Responding to Lakhova, Putin agreed that the issue of “propaganda of unconventional values ​​for us” needs “control”.

Social networks immediately suspected that Putin was going to ban the rainbow.

  • I am making an official statement to the president: I DEMAND to ban the dispersion of light, as a phenomenon, because it puts homosexual overtones into ordinary sunlight. Since any light can be spread out on a rainbow, then any decent citizen can be gay! – @userluk
  • The chairman of the Union of Women of Russia complained to the president about the Rainbow ice cream, in which she saw LGBT propaganda. Does the union of women mean that it is not LGBT propaganda @aleshru
  • Это кто там получается в Кремле засел? @mironov_fm
  • “Puptin forbids the rainbow because he saw this meme” @bnnloml
  • All my life I was heterosexual, happy with my girlfriend. And today I suddenly saw an advertisement for ice cream Rainbow AND ME HOW HOMESEXUAL WISHES HAVE BEEN FILLED WITH PASSION AND LUST HERE IT HAS BEEN PASSED TO PUTIN @nixan48

At the same time, Putin himself did not propose banning the rainbow, but avoided a direct answer on what to do with it.

If you read Putin’s answer in its entirety, it follows more quickly that the Union of Women of Russia and other patriotic public figures will have to deal with this common optical phenomenon on their own.

“Now for the comments of Ekaterina Filippovna [Lakhova],” Putin said. “Of course, you know, here you can’t keep track of everyone, where is which label someone came up with and so on. If there is reason to believe that this is propaganda of unconventional values ​​for us, then simply without public organizations that share the official position of the Russian authorities, including those set forth in the Constitution, in our laws, and in by-laws that were adopted earlier , it’s necessary in an appropriate way, but not aggressively, this is the most important thing, to build public control.

Nevertheless, even the producer of the Rainbow ice cream company, the Chistaya Liniya group of companies, managed to submit to fate. “We are a law-abiding company. If the relevant act is issued by the executive or legislative branch of the country, of course, we will obey, ”its vice president Armen Beniaminov answered the question about the ban on labels.

However, he hopes that dessert will still not be banned: firstly, there are only four colors on the ice cream label, not seven. And secondly, the company itself advocates “family values” and believes that “that the rainbow is the sun after the rain, and not the flag of the LGBT community,” hastened to assure Putin Beniaminov.


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Donation for LGBT refugees.

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The film by David France “Welcome to Chechnya”.

As the violence around Chechnya’s anti-LGBTQ+ purge continues, brave activists and organizations are fighting daily to create a safer world for queer Chechens. Harlem Khadzhiev, a co-founder of LGBT refugee support organization LGBT World Beside, writes about that fight here.

From 2012 to 2015, I was detained and blackmailed in Chechnya because I am gay. By the time I reached the border, other gays and lesbians from Chechnya were asking me for help. Also, journalists contacted me and asked me to help them get in touch with LGBT people from Chechnya. It was important for journalists to hear their stories firsthand and tell them to the general public. LGBT people from Chechnya are afraid to get in touch with journalists themselves. I have always helped journalists find contacts. Persuading my acquaintances from Chechnya to contact journalists was hard work. Many had to negotiate for a long time. I promised them that it would be safe for them. They were often intimidated and did not believe that security was possible beyond the borders of Chechnya.

I believe that the entire world should know what is happening to LGBT people in Chechnya. If we remain silent and are too afraid to discuss the terrible tortures and murders in Chechnya they may never end. The Chechen and Russian regimes successfully rally like-minded people. Many LGBT people fled Chechnya and Russia to save their lives and have become activists. We are in many different countries around the world. We help those who fled to Europe as much as possible.

Everything was new to me, and I did not know what to do. I did not know any English and Dutch. I always have to ask my friends to help me with the translation during meetings with representatives of parliament or other activists who are in Europe from other organizations. I cannot hire a translator for my team because we do not have enough money. Sometimes we have to travel by public transport without a ticket to refugee camps to meet with new arrivals. Communicating with refugees is very important so that they are not distressed and feel abandoned. Our activists often invite refugees into their homes, pay for their travel and food.

In 2018, we created our own LGBT refugee support organization and named it LGBT World Beside. It was very difficult. As former refugees, we know how to help each other. We have not forgotten about the horrors we endured in Chechnya. We were humiliated, insulted, blackmailed. We were considered to be less than human and treated like an animal. We were confined to basements and called vile names. We did not know how to express our feelings and be genuinely ourselves. Truly, we have not recovered. In Chechen society, there is no place for LGBT people. Fleeing our country gave us profound sorrow. We did not want to move, but we wanted to survive. Moving was the only way. It was very painful and scary to leave our families and start our lives all over again.

Today, I am still afraid that I am being watched. In some European countries with a large Chechen diaspora, our refugees have to remain very quiet. I still cannot fully enjoy the present and forget the horrors of my past life. We are glad to have refugees apply to LGBT World Beside for assistance and to help them. We have big plans for the future. We solve our problems together. We deserve a place in this world like everyone else. My friends are helping us now and we are as one family. However, we do need more support.

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Video in support of the petition.

Friends of our organization LGBT World Beside sent short videos in support of the petition and condemnation of a homophobic and discriminatory video created in Russia.

In this video, representatives of different countries and different professions.

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Appeal for investigation of Anti-LGBTQ propaganda video created by RIA FAN before 1 July 2020.

The video circulating online titled “Why amendments to the Constitution are important” is anti-LGBTQ propaganda that does not represent the LGBTQ community in any way, shape, or form. This propaganda movie is a part of a political campaign to encourage Russians to vote in favor of the proposed amendment to article 72 of the Constitution on 1 July 2020. It was produced by the website Federal News Agency (RIA FAN) and the Patriot media group linked to the infamous Russian ‘troll factory’. The video is highly inflammatory, manipulative, and may be used to incite violence against the most vulnerable and marginalized in society. As a result, LGBT World Beside has condemned this propaganda video, RIA FAN, the Patriot media group, and we urge you to sign our petition calling for a full investigation.


You may view the anti-LGBT propaganda video here: