Almost a fifth (18%) of Russians believe that gays and lesbians should be eliminated. This is evidenced by a survey of the Levada Center on the attitude towards people whose behavior “deviates from generally accepted norms.”

Another 32% said that homosexuals need to be isolated from society, the same number that they need to be left to their own devices. 9% of respondents believe that gays and lesbians need help, another 9% found it difficult to answer.

A sixth of respondents (15%) stated the need to eliminate drug addicts (27% to isolate, 53% to provide assistance), about a tenth (9%) believe that feminists should be eliminated (18% to isolate, 13% to help them , 41% – leave them alone).

More tolerant than homosexuals and feminists, Russians relate to people with HIV (2% – eliminate, 14% – isolate from society), alcoholics (5% – eliminate, 15% – isolate), homeless (2% – eliminate, 6 % – isolate).

The least sympathy among Russians is caused by terrorists (80% believe that they should be eliminated, 17% – isolate from society), pedophiles (75% and 22% respectively) and killers (61% and 36% respectively).