Pavel Tabakov

Pavel Tabakov believes that it is “necessary and important to talk” about the problems of the LGBT community. “It’s very bad that nothing was done after the movie“ Welcome to Chechnya, ”the actor said.

In an interview with the Snob project, Tabakov said that his mother, actress Marina Zudina, recently starred in the TV series The Good Wife, an adaptation of the Western format. “So in Russia, the creators replaced the hero – the representative of the LGBTQ with an alcoholic. Because of this, the integrity of the work collapses. And it turns out that sexual orientation has again been compared to a disease. So it is everywhere: all gay heroes in our country are either caricatures, or they are not at all … “- said 25-year-old Tabakov.

“… I don’t know how the guys survive in the provinces,” reasoned Tabakov, calling the situation with the facts made public in the film “Welcome to Chechnya” “shitty.” “Especially when there is such an aggressive propaganda of the idea of a ring of enemies. again we are erecting the iron curtain, we do not accept anything because of the hill. No tolerance, God forbid. Only Christianity and traditional marriage. But until the agenda changes and Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin does not order gays to love, this will not change … “

Tabakov called for “instilling acceptance, openness … through education.” “But instead of lessons of tolerance we have lessons of patriotism …” – the actor summed up.

The day before, Pavel Tabakov was harassed on one of the TV channels, which is financed through the pro-Kremlin business. He, like many other Russians expressing a point of view different from the one approved in the Kremlin, was threatened with losing his job. So, on the air of the show “Meeting Place” Andrei Norkin, known for his homophobic rhetoric, recalled that Pavel Tabakov serves in the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater, a state theater. Norkin wonders why live in a country that you do not love, and hints to Tabakov that maybe it’s time to leave Russia?