Lyudmila Stebenkova

Lyudmila Stebenkova, a deputy from United Russia, spoke about her intention to introduce new bans on the “propaganda” of gender reassignment, polyamory, bisexuality, etc.

“At our meeting there were a lot of young people from legal institutions. One of them spoke and said that if you go to social networks today, recruit a specific group, you will see that what is being promoted there contradicts all the norms of the law …” – said 62-year-old Stebenkova in an interview with Fontanka, commenting on the proposal for new bans. She clarified that it is about “transsexuality, bisexuality and LGBT”.

According to Stebenkova, every day up to 200 such groups are “closed by law enforcement agencies and Roskomnadzor.” “I’m telling you this about the existing law enforcement practice,” Stebenkova said, adding: “If you want to reduce the interview to issues of propaganda of gay, I will answer with one phrase. I believe that propaganda of gay, childfree, transgender and all kinds of similar trends does not contribute to an increase in the birth rate in the country and to overcome the demographic crisis. And this is where we will finish. “

Earlier it was reported: in the resolution of the conference “Legal and legislative aspects of supporting families and family values ​​in the Russian Federation”, which was held on March 4 in the State Duma as part of the project of the United Russia party – “Strong Family”, there is a demand to toughen the responsibility for homopropaganda, as well as to establish the prohibition of propaganda is a lot of things – from polyamory to transsexuality.