In the resolution of the conference “Legal and Legislative Aspects of Supporting Families and Family Values in the Russian Federation”, which was held today in the State Duma as part of the United Russia party’s “Strong Family” project, they called for tougher responsibility for homopropaganda, as well as banning propaganda of many – from polyamory to transsexuality.

In the resolution of the conference, which is at the disposal of RIA Novosti, it is proposed to amend the law “On information, information technologies and on the protection of information.” The purpose of the changes is “a ban on the promotion of sex change, a ban on the promotion of bisexuality, transgender (transsexualism), and polyamory.” In addition, clerics insist on tougher administrative responsibility for “promoting non-traditional relations.” Another requirement of homophobic people is a ban on the use of LGBT symbols in state institutions.

Recall that the so-called “homopropaganda” was banned in Russia at the federal level in July 2013. A month earlier, the State Duma adopted a law supplementing the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation with Article 6.21, establishing responsibility for “promoting non-traditional sexual relations among minors”, also known as “Mizulina’s law.”

In June 2017, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) found Mizulina’s “law” discriminatory. The ECHR ordered the Russian authorities to pay the three gay activists who filed the lawsuit 49,100 euros in compensation for material and moral damage, as well as legal costs. The State Duma promised to “roll up into a tube and use like toilet paper” this decision of the ECHR. The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in September 2017 challenged the verdict of the ECHR under the “law of Mizulina”.