A group of LGBT individuals from Russia is currently on a hunger strike, demanding progress on their asylum applications. They are specifically requesting a fixed date for their second interview with the Immigration and Naturalization Department (IND).

In general, many LGBT individuals from Russia face significant challenges. Despite leaving their home country to escape discrimination and persecution, they often encounter obstacles in the asylum process of their host countries. Frustrated by the lack of progress and clarity in their cases, seven asylum seekers in the Netherlands have resorted to a hunger strike. Their objective is to draw attention to their situation and advocate for a prompt resolution. They hope that their actions will expedite the processing of their asylum applications and provide them with an opportunity to rebuild their lives without fear of persecution.

As the hunger strike continues, Harlem van Hayzer, the founder of the “LGBT World Beside” Foundation, has emphasized the potential health risks associated with a hunger strike. He expressed his concerns for their well-being and urged them to end the strike. Van Hayzer believes that extreme measures like hunger strikes pose serious health risks, potentially even risking lives. He suggests that dialogue, advocacy, and legal channels should be pursued to address these issues, rather than resorting to harmful measures. While encouraging the hunger strikers to reconsider their approach, van Hayzer assures them that the “LGBT World Beside” Foundation is prepared to support and assist them on their path to integration.