In 2018, the performance “Grenzeloos” in Belgium, theater “Spot On“. The performance is based on real stories about what is happening in Chechnya and Russia.

Our LGBT World Beside volunteers told the actors of the history of refugees in order to maximize their credibility and convey the horror of what is happening in Russia.

Brief description of the performance: Didier and David plan a holiday with their friends. At the same time the young Youri and Jens on the other side of Europe dream of a carefree future together. Two dramatic events ensure that their lives cross each other in Berlin. As the city prepares for the Pride, they have to get their lives back on track.

Spot On brings a serious piece this time that is painfully up to date. In the West, the struggle for LGBT rights seems to be fought, but appearances are deceiving. In barely a few hours of flight, gay people risk abduction, torture and worse, while the government willingly turns a blind eye or even cooperates. And we also need vigilance. Because evil is limitless …

Spot on is the fourth production ‘Boundless’, music theater written by Steven Claes with music by Julie Helsen.

LGBT World Beside is grateful to the theater for the opportunity to tell the truth and show the truth with the help of high acting skills. We also recommend visiting other performances of this theater, you will get great pleasure from the repertoire and the acting.