Lyudmila Bokova, Chairman of the Council of Federation Committee on Constitutional Legislation and State Building, introduced an initiative to the State Duma that doubles all fines for “homopropaganda” among minors. A new punishment is also envisaged – “confiscation of the subject of an offense”. Speech on the amendments to Art. 6.17 of the Administrative Code (Violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation on the protection of children from information harmful to their health and (or) development).

Interestingly, it was Bokova who in 2013, when she was a member of the Committee of the Federation Council on science, education, culture and information policy, represented in the Council of Federation “Mizulina’s law” – Art. 6.21 Code of Administrative Offenses

According to the Parliamentary Gazeta, Bokova proposes to introduce fines for citizens in the amount of 3,000–4,000 rubles for the dissemination of information harmful to children, and 10,000–20,000 rubles for officials; for entrepreneurs (without forming a legal entity) – 10,000–20,000 rubles with confiscation or administrative suspension of activities for a period of up to three months; for legal entities – 40,000 – 100,000 rubles with confiscation or administrative suspension of activities for a period of up to three months.

In June 2013, Bokova stated that the purpose of the “Mizulina’s law” is “… to ensure the information security of minors from non-traditional sexual relations information, which has a negative impact on the formation of the child’s personality, harmful to the health, moral and spiritual development of children.”

Recall, the Mizulina Law was unanimously adopted by the State Duma on June 11, 2013, despite protests from gay activists, human rights activists and calls to abandon homophobic norms from international organizations – the Council of Europe, several UN committees and governments of democratic countries around the world.

Attempts to challenge the rule of law in the Russian courts, including the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court, did not lead to anything. The law is applied as a means of censoring and indiscriminately restricting the constitutional freedoms of LGBT citizens of Russia.