The head of the State Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children Tamara Pletneva believes that homosexuals “should be treated.” She stated this on the author’s program by Vladimir Pozner on the First Channel, answering the moderator’s question about how she relates to the idea of criminal prosecution for homosexuality.

“Tchaikovsky was also [gay], but he was hiding it, hesitated. What to punish? It is necessary to treat, ”said Pletneva.

Also, according to Pletnevna, HIV is transmitted exclusively through sexual intercourse, since “we have such morality that it is possible anywhere and with whom it happens and no one bears responsibility”. Vladimir Pozner remarked that it is unnatural for a person to have only one sexual partner in a lifetime. “I do not blame anyone,” – said the deputy.

The program also raised the issue of sexual harassment. “If we talk about harassment by men, then it’s not only men who are to blame,” Pletneva said. “Nobody has harassed me here. Both those, and those [both men and women] should be brought up in this plan. Well, let’s say a woman gets a good job, and she is offered to sleep. I don’t know, well, such a woman … I wouldn’t agree, ”Pletneva shared.

When discussing the prohibition of abortion, the MP admitted that she had an abortion. “I am ashamed, I did. We lived in poverty, I understood that I would need to raise children, to teach. I gave birth to two daughters and all. But I did. I now read this prayer sometimes, on a piece of paper, please forgive me. Indeed, this is killing a person, ”she said.

At the same time, Pletnev does not believe that abortion should be prohibited: “This is a woman who must decide. If she lived very well, maybe she would have given birth to ten. ”

Pletneva also commented on her scandalous phrase, which she uttered during the 2018 World Cup, when she called on Russian women not to have sex with foreigners. “I’m generally ashamed to talk about this topic. I remember the Olympics 80. Some children were taken away, then they were looking for, then they themselves suffered, how to get home, colored children were born. They called me almost a racist for that. I am not a racist, really, ”says Pletneva.

The deputy spoke out against baby boxes. At the same time, it became clear from her words that she does not understand very well what it is. “This is not our morality, so that she [mother] would carry it there and put it. It is not clear how much they put there, where these children are going, ”she said.

We touched on the topic of adoption of children by foreigners. “They live in another country, maybe they live better there, but they will never be Russian again,” said the deputy.

At the same time, Pletnev believes that sex education lessons in schools are not needed.