There are details of the shocking murder of a young girl.

In social networks, close townspeople reported the details of what happened. A girl (24 years old) was killed on the night of April 10-11 in a house on Sumskaya Street.

Kuryanka was originally from Lgov. Born as a boy, she had a sex change operation a few years ago in the capital. Documents girl also changed. The relatives of the deceased noted that the kuryanka did not have any male sexual characteristics on the body, as previously reported in a number of sources. Also, friends of the murdered claim that for the killer there was no news about the girl’s past.

Recall that a 27-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murder. There is information that kuryanin has a mental illness.

As reported in the regional SU IC, the attacker strangled the girl, and then dismembered her. Parts of the body of the deceased were later found in the neighborhood of KZTZ.