Police allegedly forced her to strip and examined her genitals.

Berlin demonstration against homophobia in Russia. | Photo: Marco Fieber / Flickr

An intersex woman in Russia said her landlord evicted her after police allegedly harassed her.

Olga Moskvitina lives in Makhachkala a city on the western shore of the Caspian Sea.

She said a plain clothed police officer forced his way into her apartment. This happened after her identity documents which showed she had a male name were published on social media.

People on social media left hateful comments including, ‘people like that should be killed’.

According to a report on news site Lenta, the policeman allegedly made Moskvitina strip naked and examined her genitals. He also interrogated her about her genitals and threatened to out her to locals so the could kill her.

Moskvitina tried to explain that she is in fact intersex, but cannot update her identity documents to reflect her intersex status. As a result she is forced to identify as trans.

After the incident at her apartment, Moskvitina’s landlord then evicted citing ‘such affairs’ as a reason.

While it not illegal to be trans in Russia, the LGBTI community faces high levels of discrimination, intimidation and violence. In 2013, Russian president Vladimir Putin introduced the ‘gay propaganda’ law. It prevented the positive portrayal of the LGBTI community in mass media.

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