The new format will make it possible to join it from anywhere in Russia and the world. In addition, the constant slogan of the action “We are silent to be heard” will be equally relevant for the online mode. “The Alliance of Heterosexuals and LGBT for Equality” publishes a memo for those who want to join the action #Day of Silence2020:


  1. You can sew a protective bandage in the colors of LGBT flags (rainbow flag, bi- or pan-flag, trans- or queer flag, etc.) or paint the finished protective mask. The mask illustrates well that homophobia is also a kind of virus, people suffer and die from it. If you don’t have time to “bother” with a mask, you can use traditional color adhesive tape by sticking a mouth over it.
  2. Think about what you want to say, which topic to cover. Draw a poster or several posters.
  3. Take a photo and / or record a short video. You can write an accompanying text or a support post.
  4. Post it on social networks, indicating the hashtags:

#ДеньМолчания2020 #DayOfSilence2020

  1. Tell your friends and girlfriends about the promotion. They may also want to support LGBT people. Repost is welcome.

Last year, the rally in honor of the Day of Silence in St. Petersburg ended in mass detentions of its participants. Then there were 11 LGBT activists in the prison. The journalist Plyus PLUS witnessed the incident and prepared a video report on what happened in the center of the Northern capital.

LGBT action ‘Day of Silence’ in St. Petersburg in 100 seconds (04.17.2019)

Information: The “Day of Silence” campaign is dedicated to the suppression of discrimination, physical and moral violence, hate crimes and negative attitudes based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The first “Day of Silence” was held in 1996; Maria Pulzetti, a student at the University of Virginia, became its organizer. The following year, initiative groups transferred the task to the national level and almost 100 US colleges and universities joined the action. Since 2000, the American nationwide LGBT organization GLSEN has become the official organizational sponsor of the event. In 2006, according to some estimates, more than 450,000 students and almost 4,000 colleges and universities took part in the action in the United States. Starting this year, Day of Silence is held in Europe, Poland became the first country to accept it.