Photo: Alina Desyatnichenko / Novaya Gazeta

In the Kuban stanitsa Ilskaya criminal committed the murder of two retired homosexuals. The alleged killer confessed, the investigation calls homophobia a priority version of the crime, Novaya Gazeta writes.

The bodies of those killed by 70-year-old Vladimir Dubentsov and 64-year-old Nikolai Galdin were found on the evening of 10 January. According to the newspaper, men were harassed by neighbors, Cossacks and other residents of the village. One of the neighbors expressed his emotions about the murder as follows: “Everyone was very upset that they were killed! So upset that we do not know where to go for joy! ”

The name of the alleged killer is Alexander Fet-Ogly, he was arrested, and he was charged. The 23-year-old Fet-Ogly, according to the police, was previously convicted of burglary and was serving mandatory work in the village administration.

The arrested confessed. According to his version, he drank along with the pensioners, then they began to pester him, which was the reason for the murder.

In December 2018, it became known that Shoto-Shamil Akayev and Ayub Ibrahimov, prisoners of a secret gay prison, were found dead with their heads shot. The Chechen Interior Ministry claimed that the men were killed while trying to attack Chechen policemen. The information provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not coincide with the data of forensic medical reports and protocols for the examination of corpses. According to forensic scientists, both men were killed at close range with shots to the back of the head.