In the photo, Timur Bulatov, wants to expel all LGBT people from Russia.

Nikita Tomilov, an expert at the Interregional Center for Human Rights, sent a statement to the Investigation Committee on activist Timur Bulatov (Isayev) from St. Petersburg, who is fighting homosexuals.

The statement was sent after Bulatov on March 18 asked the schools of Yekaterinburg and the police to deal with 15 teenagers who had fallen under the sodic LGBT propaganda that is detrimental to the psyche of children. On the same day, Bulatov gave an interview to, where he spoke about his methods of work and stated that he considers “all LGBT rhetoric to be a psychiatric disease.”

Human rights activist Nikita Tomilov believes that Bulatov’s actions may fall under three articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation: incitement to hatred and hostility, unauthorized access to computer information and public calls for extremist activities. “What this person does is illegal as well as anti-human,” wrote Tomilov on VKontakte.

Timur Bulatov is known for seeking the dismissal of teachers from schools because of homosexuality. He claims that in several years more than 60 teachers have been forced to quit their jobs. Bulatov also participated in a rally at the headquarters of Alexei Navalny in St. Petersburg under the slogan “Bulk protects perverts.” In addition, he struggled with children’s drawings in the school of Yekaterinburg because of the “propaganda of homosexuality” (the police found no violations).