The arson of the Torat Chayim yeshiva, the Jewish Academy, was performed by unknown persons on Friday in the Moscow region just before the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Pesach.

“The attackers set fire to a warehouse where kosher meat was kept and painted a swastika on the front door. Fortunately, none of the people was injured,” Olga Esaulova, spokesman for the Chief Rabbi of Moscow, told Interfax. She noted that today there were especially many people in the yeshiva who gathered for a festive meal.

A representative of the Jewish community called outrageous the fact that the arson was committed on the eve of one of the most significant Jewish holidays.

“In the next two days we will not be able to investigate, because Pesach begins at this moment. The situation is completely entrusted to law enforcement agencies, which we hope will be able to find intruders,” said Esaulova.

Passover, the feast of the exodus from Egypt, in 2019 is celebrated on April 19-27. These days, the Jews celebrate liberation from slavery and arrange a special meal – Seder.