Chechen Prime Minister banned from entering US due to torture allegations.

Muslim Khuchiev.

The US State Department has banned Muslim Khuchiev and his wife Sapiyat Shabazova from entering the country, the head of the Chechen government, according to the Ministry’s website.

The State Department believes that Khuchiev was involved in a gross violation of human rights. “The department has reliable information that Muslim Khuchiev was involved in torture,” the ministry’s statement said.

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, called the decision of the State Department “a humorous number” and advised the US authorities to “live with us in peace and harmony.”

Muslim Khuchiev headed the government of Chechnya in June 2018. Prior to that, he was mayor of Grozny in 2007-2012 and 2015-2018.

In July 2017, the former head of the Chechen municipal enterprise “Heat Supply” Lom-Ali Elbiyev said that the guards of Muslim Khuchiev were tortured with a stun gun. After the incident, Elbiev left for Europe.

Earlier, human rights organizations and the media reported on torture in Chechnya, which homosexuals and suspected drug users were subjected to. Chechen authorities denied this.


Samara LGBT activists were offered “to hold a rally indoors” so that children would not see them.

Voronezh Lakes Park.

Members of the Samara LGBT community tried to coordinate a rally in the Voronezh Lakes Park on the topic of discrimination of LGBT citizens and for legislative recognition of their family relationships. But the city administration had its own vision in this regard.

On the eve of April 22, activist Oleg Belozerov (name has been changed) submitted a notice of holding this event on May 4. The next day, April 23, the city administration sent him an answer, stating that the objectives of the event violate the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the laws, proposing to make the public event closed, not allowing minors to go there. Additionally, it was stated that holding public events in the park, allegedly, is prohibited in principle.

In the administration, they separately noted that the park was visited by minors who could see the action. According to officials, this can lead to “propaganda of homosexuality.”

“In connection with the above, we suggest that you hold an event in a closed room or territory, access to which will be restricted to persons under the age of majority,” the letter says.

Oleg Belozerov informed the portal “Boys PLUS” that he considers the proposal to change the location of the action to be unjustified and intends to continue negotiations with the city authorities. He has already tried to call to resolve the issue, but nothing happened – the phone listed on the administration website does not work.


The brutally murdered girl in Kursk previously changed sex.

There are details of the shocking murder of a young girl.

In social networks, close townspeople reported the details of what happened. A girl (24 years old) was killed on the night of April 10-11 in a house on Sumskaya Street.

Kuryanka was originally from Lgov. Born as a boy, she had a sex change operation a few years ago in the capital. Documents girl also changed. The relatives of the deceased noted that the kuryanka did not have any male sexual characteristics on the body, as previously reported in a number of sources. Also, friends of the murdered claim that for the killer there was no news about the girl’s past.

Recall that a 27-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murder. There is information that kuryanin has a mental illness.

As reported in the regional SU IC, the attacker strangled the girl, and then dismembered her. Parts of the body of the deceased were later found in the neighborhood of KZTZ.


On the eve of Pesach in the suburbs set fire to the Jewish Academy.

The arson of the Torat Chayim yeshiva, the Jewish Academy, was performed by unknown persons on Friday in the Moscow region just before the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Pesach.

“The attackers set fire to a warehouse where kosher meat was kept and painted a swastika on the front door. Fortunately, none of the people was injured,” Olga Esaulova, spokesman for the Chief Rabbi of Moscow, told Interfax. She noted that today there were especially many people in the yeshiva who gathered for a festive meal.

A representative of the Jewish community called outrageous the fact that the arson was committed on the eve of one of the most significant Jewish holidays.

“In the next two days we will not be able to investigate, because Pesach begins at this moment. The situation is completely entrusted to law enforcement agencies, which we hope will be able to find intruders,” said Esaulova.

Passover, the feast of the exodus from Egypt, in 2019 is celebrated on April 19-27. These days, the Jews celebrate liberation from slavery and arrange a special meal – Seder.


In St. Petersburg, police detain LGBT activists in the Day of Silence campaign.

In St. Petersburg, on Nevsky Prospect, the Day of Silence campaign is held about silencing LGBT issues. Activist Daniil Maksimenko told OVD-Info about 11 arrests.

At first, the participants alternately stood at Gostiny Dvor in single pickets. The last was Daniel Maksimenko. He was detained.

Then the activists went in the direction of the Savior on the Blood with their mouths sealed, without symbols, Maksimenko said. Then the police began to detain other activists.

“The police are going to detain everyone who walked with their mouths sealed. I heard what commands they gave, ”said Maximenko.

“Here provocateur Timur Bulatov, who nazvanivaet somewhere. Apparently, leaves KSP. He tells the police what to do, ”says the activist.

List of detainees:

  1. Elena Grigorieva
  2. Vyacheslav Yagudkin
  3. Stepan Gatanov
  4. Daria Chernova
  5. Daniil Maximenko
  6. Elizaveta Astashova
  7. Sofia Kuzmina
  8. Alexander Brovkin
  9. Julia Sadigova
    10, 11, 12, 13 minors.

20:07 Detainees being taken to the police station number 28.

21:40 Activists are being held in a police bus near the department, reports Elena Grigorieva. According to her, employees refuse to call an ambulance to Vyacheslav Yagudkin, who became ill.

23:42 Vyacheslav Yagudkina was taken away by the ambulance, reported Daniel Maksimenko. He added that for a long time – until about eleven in the evening – the detainees refused to be taken to the toilet. According to him, four people were brought into the department.

The “help group for detainees” reported that there are two minors (added to the list). That is, the total of detainees – 12.

Lawyer Mark Alekseev came to the detainees.

00:17 Lawyer is not allowed to the detainees, said Elena Grigorieva.

01:04 Olga Smirnova from Solidarity of St. Petersburg reported that there were four minors (the list was updated). All released with their parents. Smirnova is located near the police department. Activists told her that they were not given copies of the protocols.

01:27 Lawyer Mark Alekseev is still not allowed to detainees, reports Olga Smirnova.

4:58 Stepan Gatanov was left for the night in the department, writes “Aid to detainees group”. According to the police, they drew up a report on the repeated violation of the rules of the rally (part 8 of article 20.2 of the Administrative Code). The rest were released with reports on participation in the action (part 5 of article 20.2 of the Administrative Code).

Surname Stapana Gatanov fixed.