Voronezh Lakes Park.

Members of the Samara LGBT community tried to coordinate a rally in the Voronezh Lakes Park on the topic of discrimination of LGBT citizens and for legislative recognition of their family relationships. But the city administration had its own vision in this regard.

On the eve of April 22, activist Oleg Belozerov (name has been changed) submitted a notice of holding this event on May 4. The next day, April 23, the city administration sent him an answer, stating that the objectives of the event violate the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the laws, proposing to make the public event closed, not allowing minors to go there. Additionally, it was stated that holding public events in the park, allegedly, is prohibited in principle.

In the administration, they separately noted that the park was visited by minors who could see the action. According to officials, this can lead to “propaganda of homosexuality.”

“In connection with the above, we suggest that you hold an event in a closed room or territory, access to which will be restricted to persons under the age of majority,” the letter says.

Oleg Belozerov informed the portal “Boys PLUS” that he considers the proposal to change the location of the action to be unjustified and intends to continue negotiations with the city authorities. He has already tried to call to resolve the issue, but nothing happened – the phone listed on the administration website does not work.

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