The morning began with collecting and loading boxes into cars. Jordan Sowle completely controlled the process and did a great job.

We arrived at the first camp of AZC BUDEL, where LGBT refugees met us.

Meeting at AZC BUDEL.

They were very happy and were grateful for this help. We managed to talk with them and find out about their health status.

Meeting at AZC BUDEL.

LGBT refugees said that they cannot buy enough of the protection against COVID-19 on their own, as there is very little money and only enough for modest food.

We went to the second camp at AZC WEERT, where we were met by COA staff and LGBT refugees living in the camp.

Meeting at AZC WEERT.

The COA staff politely talked to us and thanked for the help for the refugees. It is difficult to find extra money to buy protection for each refugee. LGBT refugees became satisfied and thanked us.

Next we went to the camp AZC ECHT.


It was difficult to meet at the AZC ECHT in the camp, one representative from LGBT refugees came to us. He took the boxes for everyone else. Unfortunately, we were not able to take a photo, as it was not safe for the refugee.


Jordan Sowle agreed in advance to meet at each camp. He took on most of the work. Jordan Sowle found cars where we could get help from COVID-19. Fully planned meeting times. His professional experience was very useful in our project.


In the future, we plan to repeat sending protection from COVID-19 to these camps and to the new AZC. You can take part in this by sending any amount of donation to our details indicated below.

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